My house is from the late 15th century / beginning of the 16th century,

so the interior is quite antique, as well as the furnishing. No ”high

tech” here. But the house has been carefully renovated with central

heating and common bathroom/toilet.

The rooms:

There are three kinds of rooms. One small room, preferably used as

single room, two bigger double rooms and two big suites, consisting of

two connected rooms with two beds in each and a door between. All rooms

are fully equiped with beds, closset, table and chairs. The beds are

(even if they look antique) in modern length and equiped with first

class mattresses and bedclothes. Towels are also provided.

Showers / toilets:

Common. I don’t have rooms with private bath/toilet.


I don’t serve breakfast. But you are welcome to use my kitchen to make

 coffee or thea.  Tableware etc. at

your service. Just clean up after yourself. We have a very good bakery

on the other side of the steet. More cafées in the neighbourhood serves

excellent breakfast at reasonable prices.


I can do your laundry at 100dkr/machinefull. Delivered dry (not ironed)

to your room.


You can only smoke in the privacy of your own room.


As my house is situated very central in the heart of Copenhagen, you

can walk to a lot of places of interest, and there a very fine public

transportation to all other places.